Gin Rummy
Gin Rummy
In Gin rummy, scores and bonuses earned are awarded after every hand, and additional bonuses awarded after the game ends.

Points awarded after every hand Points awarded after a game
Knock Points Game Bonus
Undercut Bonus Box Bonus
Gin Bonus Shutout Bonus
Big Gin Bonus  

Points awarded after every hand

After a player knocks to end a hand, and the defender lays off, the deadwood count of both hands are compared. These points and bonuses are awarded after each hand:

Knock Points - If the knocker has less deadwood points than the defender, he scores the difference between the two deadwood counts.

Undercut (or Underknock) - If a knocker has equal or more deadwood points than the defender, the defender scores the difference between the two deadwood counts and an undercut bonus of 25 points. Some rules award an undercut bonus of 10 points.

Gin Bonus – If the knocker goes Gin, he scores the entire deadwood count of the defender and a Gin bonus of 25 points (20 points according to some rules). The defender doesn’t get to lay off.

Big Gin – When a player draws the 11th card, and can form a gin with all 11 cards, he can retain the extra card as part of his hand. He is awarded an extra 6 points besides the regulation Gin Bonus.

After each hand, the winning player’s points are recorded in the score sheet. The game ends when a player scores 100 points.

Points awarded after a game

The following bonuses are awarded after a game is over:

Game Bonus - If a player scores 100 points in the course of the game, the game is over. The player receives a Game Bonus of 100 points.

Box Bonus (or Line bonus) – At the end of the match, a player receives a bonus of 25 points for every hand (or round) won during the match.

Shutout Bonus - If the winner of a match wins every hand in the match, and thus shuts out his opponent, the points for each hand are doubled before adding the Line Bonus. This is also known as a Blitz or a Schneider.

The Score Sheet

After each hand, the winning player’s score, which includes his knock points plus bonuses if any, are added and registered in the score sheet.

Variation: Some players prefer to add each hand’s score and register the cumulative score on the score sheet since it’s easier to keep a track as to when a player crosses 100 points or any other predetermined Game winning score.


A sample game recorded in a score sheet.         Same game recorded in the cumulative style.

A Sample Game: Scoring Explained

Variation of Scoring
Hollywood Gin – The rules are same as Gin rummy, however, the scores are kept for three different games, rather than one. A player’s first win is recorded in the first game column. The same player’s second win is recorded in both the first and second game column. His third win onwards is recorded in all three games column. When a player reaches 100 points in the first game, game bonus and box bonus are awarded, and the game finishes. Further scores after each round is only recorded in the second and third game column and so on. Hands continue till all three games are finished.

A Sample Hollywood Gin Rummy game is explained:

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