Gin Rummy
Gin Rummy
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Gin rummy is a simple yet interesting card game usually played between two players, although online variations allow multiple players as well. The Rules page explains all aspects of the game, from the deck, values of cards, the shuffle and deal, what the objective of Gin rummy is, how the cards are drawn, what is meant by stock pile and discard pile, what sets, runs and melds are, what the knock is, what is gin and big gin, who is the defender, how the layoff happens, what does undercut mean, how does a hand end, to how a game ends – this page covers the principles of Gin rummy rules. It also covers popular variations in Gin rummy rules, like dealing differences and in starting the first turn, and exceptional situations like wrong deals and illegal knocks. Other house rules of online Gin rummy including Straight Gin, Oklahoma Gin, and Hollywood Gin are discussed too.


Once you know what the rules of Gin rummy are, you should know how to score a Gin rummy game. The Scoring page explains all the points that are awarded in a game of Gin rummy and also all the bonuses in Gin rummy. It explains which points and bonuses are awarded after each round – knock points, undercut bonus, gin bonus, and big gin bonus. The scoring page also explains the bonuses awarded after the game is over – game bonus, box bonus, and shutout bonus. Sample games are demonstrated and how the games are scored explained to help you understand the scoring methods in Gin rummy. The score sheets and how scores are kept in them are discussed along with variations like cumulative scoring methods to help you maintain a score sheet. The Hollywood gin and it’s scoring methods are explained along with cross referenced examples of a sample game.


Confused about the terms and jargons in Gin rummy? Or just want to know what a particular term you heard in Gin rummy means? This page is for you then. Know your blitz from baiting, advertising from ginning, illegal hand from no-brainer hand, and many more such terms. From common terms used in Gin rummy like deck, shuffle, cut, deal, suit, draw, discard, topcard, upcard, knock, set, run, meld, gin, stock, deadwood and undercut to strategic terms like fishing, salesman, unload and speculate, to terms used in partnership Gin rummy play like captain, partnership safe count, this page covers them all. It also lists synonyms for a particular term – for example, blitz, schneider and shutout are one and the same thing, and so is fishing, baiting, salesman and advertising. It will also help you understand the relation between two terms used in Gin rummy online, like box and box bonus, gin and gin off.

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